02. децембар 2013.


Dear friends,

We would like to address some recent events related to your movement, particularly when fans of PAOK issued shameful statements and drew attention to slogans turned against Golden Dawn. Regardless of our friendship, we feel the need to respond to the issues that go far beyond the domain of sport and football fans. These issues are struggle for survival of our Aryan race and rebirth of our mother Europe, which has become a guinea-pig in hands of evil Zionist rulers and has been sinking down deeper and deeper under the vicious attacks of liberal politicians, Anarcho-communists and coloured thugs since 1945. Today, not only in Greece but entire Europe, the movement Golden Dawn is one of Aryan rebirth’s key factors.  The flag of freedom which you raised so high we salute with our right arms, fully aware that blood of glorious Spartans boils within activists of Golden Dawn. We want you to know that Serbian comrades are part of the same front as you and it will remain so! Although we are football fans, we tend to turn our terraces into the place where political soldiers can be found, and we have accomplished a lot in that field. Our fanaticism disturbs many, but the only thing they can do is silently watch and eventually retreat. Due to our loyalty and consistency to The Idea and Fight we could not turn the blind eye to the latest moves of PAOK’s fans, and we are afraid that seed of animosity has started to grow inside many of us, while we are livid with rage at the same time. Therefore, we have reached an agreement to keep in touch only with those fans of PAOK who are activists and/or supporters of Golden Dawn. We would like to draw attention to the fact that we-as an informal coalition of nationalistically oriented fans of PARTIZAN value much more our love for brotherly Greek people and Golden Dawn than football friendship. In the name of that we salute you and wish you luck in further fight.